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  • Project Name : Themoverscanada
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  • Services Used :Css3 , html5 , web design , wordpress , responsive design , bootstrap , jquery
  • Project Description : Secured Shipping and Delivery sprouted from an idea three friends had to create a fun and unique experience for individuals looking to relocate. In 2007, these lifelong friends working in the banking and service industry sought to embark on a new venture. They got together after work and began brainstorming ideas for ways to stay active, as their current jobs kept them in an office, and possibly earn some supplementary income. They eventually arrived at the idea of opening a moving company within London, Ontario. For several months following the inception of “The Movers,” their endeavor produced no profits as the cost of equipment and materials exceeded their income. Yet they continued to press forward because they saw the potential in their service. Eventually, they began to earn some profits for their efforts. Shortly following the slight rise in the company’s success, two of the three founding members were accepted into medical school abroad, which forced them to relinquish their positions in the organization.