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Drupal Requirements

Drupal is fully compatible with SiteGround servers. Here are the server requirements as listed on Drupal’s official web site.

Recommended Web Server:

Apache 1.3, Apache 2.x or Microsoft IIS


Drupal will work on an Apache web server hosted on UNIX/Linux, OS X, or Windows platforms. SiteGround hosting servers are all Linux based and running the Apache web server.
Apache is configured with mod_rewrite by default on SiteGround servers. Thus you can use it with the Drupal’s clean URLs functionality.

The total file size of your Drupal installation will depend on what you add to your site but Drupal core files alone will take up approximately 15 MB uncompressed. The exact size depends on the version of Drupal you have installed.


Drupal 5: 4.4.0 or higher (5.2 recommended)

Drupal 6: 4.4.0 or higher (5.2 recommended)

Drupal 7: 5.2.5 or higher (5.3 recommended)

SiteGround servers provide multiple PHP versions setup.

PHP memory of 16 MB or higher for a default Drupal 6 installation (8 MB or higher may be sufficient for default installations of earlier versions). Depending on your site’s use of custom or contributed modules, your PHP memory limit may need to be increased beyond 16 MB. On SiteGround servers the memory limit is set to 96 MB.
The PHP extension for connecting to your database must be installed and enabled. Drupal’s currently supported database connectors are: mysql (the original MySQL extension), mysqli (an improved connector for newer MySQL installations). Both are enabled on the SiteGround servers.
PHP XML extention (for blogapi, drupal, and ping modules). This extension is enabled by default on all SiteGround servers.
An image library for PHP such as the GD library is needed for the images manipulation (resizing user pictures, image and imagecache modules). ImageMagick is also supported. Both are installed and enabled by default on the SiteGround servers.
PHP needs several configuration directives (such as register_globals = off and safe_mode = off ) for Drupal to work. All are enabled by default on the SiteGround servers.

Database server

Recommended: MySQL 4.1 or MySQL 5.0. Currently SiteGround is using both MySQL version 4.1 and MySQL version 5.0. PostgreSQL and SQLite are also installed and supported on the SiteGround servers.

Drupal 5.x and earlier supports MySQL 3.23.17 or higher. MySQL 4.1 or higher is strongly recommended.
Drupal 6 supports MySQL 4.1 or higher.
Drupal 7 will only support MySQL 5.0.15 or higher, and requires the PDO database extension for PHP.
Drupal uses the following MySQL commands (all available on SiteGround servers): SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER. These are sufficient to run Drupal core.