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Drupal Modules Installation Tutorial

How to install/enable Drupal modules

You can enable/disable Drupal Modules from the Drupal Administration area -> Modules section.The default installation of Drupal has many useful modules, and there is a brief description of what each one of the modules does. If you need more modules, you can freely download them from the Drupal Modules official website.

On your site, Drupal modules are stored in the modules subfolder within the Drupal installation directory. You can install additional modules by simply unzipping them in that folder. Alternatively, you can use the Install new module functionality.

How to install/enable the Nice Menus module?

We will demonstrate the module installation process in Drupal by installing the Nice Menus module.

Visit Drupal Modules website and find the Nice Menus module. Download the corresponding version to your local hard-drive. Then upload the archive in the modules folder of your Drupal installation and extract it.

Make sure its dependencies are enabled. Then enable the Nice Menus module and save the new configuration.

You can also check for the modules that need update in the Update tab.

The Uninstall section lists the disabled external modules that can be uninstalled from your system.