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8 Essential Settings after Installing WordPress

I tried to put all the basic settings, which you need to do after installing WordPress.

1:-WordPress Permalink
Very first thing, which I recommend is to change default permalink to custom permalinks. As default WordPress permalink is like This permalink is short but not friendly for search engine. So the first thing you should do is change your permalinks.

At ShoutMeLoud I use /%postname%.html but according to me, best permalink setting is to just use post name. Earlier there used to be some performance issue with custom permalinks, but with latest WordPress it’s easier. Simply go to settings >Permalink and select the post name option, and save.

This ensure that your permalink when appear in search engine, it will contain some keywords and will ensure better ranking.

2:-Change Admin user for Security
By Default WordPress login Id is admin. This put you in little risk because any intruder can make a brute force attack to take down your wordpress blog. To ensure the security of your WordPress blog create a user and give him the admin right. Login with that ID and delete the default admin account. Make sure you use a complex password which contains mix character. Like instead of using password try something like p@ssw)rd.

3:-Disable users registration
It’s always a good idea to keep your registration open if you are creating a WordPress site like ShoutMeloud or any other Websites which allow guest posting, but spam registration will be a pain. But, if you are sole writer and don’t need people to register, I recommend you to disable the WordPress registration Disable it under Settings > General.

4:-WordPress time zone
Under Settings> General , Change the time Zone to match your country time zone. If you schedule your blog posts, changing time zone to your time zone will ensure your blog posts will be published in your desired schedule time.

5:-WordPress Threaded comment
Threaded comments make your blog comments discussion keep going. With the latest versions of wordpress, you can enable Threaded comment from

Settings> Discussion. Check Enable Threaded comment and uncheck Break comments into pages to avoid page duplication issue.

6:-Update WordPress ping list
By default wordpress ping only one ping service, you can notify many more services by extending the ping service. Change the settings under Settings> Writing. Here is my wordpress ping list .

7:-WordPress Comment Gravatar
Under Settings > Discussion, you can change the default image to be shown for people who have not signed up for Gravatar.

Quick Recap

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